About CPBS

Purpose: A fat cinephile (Tessa Racked, to be specific) watches movies that include fat people.  Blogs their thoughts.  Tries to learn more about film studies, fat studies, and feminist theory in the process. Maybe the reader does as well? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Statement of values: this blog is intended to be body-positive (natch), queer and trans affirming, and anti-racist.  The author strives to apply an intersectional feminist framework to their analyses.

Spoiler alerts and content warnings: Please assume that every post about a specific movie will contain spoilers for that movie.  I will do my best to alert readers to sensitive content at the beginning of posts.  For external links, please look for mouseover text descriptions for any content warnings.

Have thoughts you would like to share on fat people in movies?  Drop me a line:  pandabearshape at gmail  I’m writing from the perspective of a white, college-educated, able-bodied, non-binary person from the US who is mostly familiar with Western films, so diverse voices are very welcome.


  1. Hello Tessa! I’m loving your blog, as well as its extraordinarily unique theme of recognizing the “panda bears” in cinema (it’s about damn time!). I’ve passed along to you The Dragon’s Loyalty Award, in the hopes that you’ll pass it along to more bloggers (guidelines here: http://wp.me/p6ltkI-2z). Here’s to you and your blog!
    PS – I’d love to know when you’ve posted the award. Cheers!

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