Year in Review: 2015

Well, here it is, my ranked list of 2015 releases I saw.  This was a really incredible year for female characters.  While I tend to see arthouse releases and be biased in favor of films that focus on women and other traditionally marginalized characters, without really trying, 9 of my top 10 films  featured female protagonists.  Hopefully this will be a growing trend, and future lists will include more diverse protagonists– and directors.

Additionally, this was a notable year for female film characters on CPBS.  Among them:  I kicked the year off with an early fat, gender non-conforming female character: “Ma” Rainey from The Ox-Box Incident.  Two articles I wrote for BitchFlicks focused on fat female characters: Margaret from The Foxy Merkins and Annie Wilkes from Misery.  Although I still haven’t seen The DUFF, I did use Mae Whitman’s casting as a “designated ugly, fat friend” to contemplate what criteria determine a character as fat.  And, perhaps most exciting, I interviewed my best friend and self-identified fat actress Jessica Conger about her role in Most Likely.

Since I started doing a monthly roundup of fat characters mid-year, most films with fat characters will link to the relevant article.

  1. Duke of Burgundy 
  2. When Marnie Was There
  3. Tangerine
  4. Mommy
  5. Mistress America
  6. Carol
  7. Mad Max: Fury Road
  8. Clouds of Sils Maria
  9. The End of the Tour
  10. Spy
  11. It Follows
  12. Dope
  13. While We’re Young
  14. Spotlight
  15. They Look Like People
  16. Heart of a Dog
  17. Experimenter
  18. The Assassin
  19. Entertainment
  20. Kumiko the Treasure Hunter
  21. Star Wars: the Force Awakens
  22. Girlhood
  23. Advantageous
  24. The Last Five Years
  25. Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck
  26. Queen of Earth
  27. Buzzard
  28. Slow West
  29. Ex Machina
  30. Phoenix
  31. Welcome to Me
  32. What We Do in the Shadows
  33. World of Tomorrow
  34. Goodnight Mommy
  35. Iris
  36. The Devil’s Candy
  37. The Stanford Prison Experiment
  38. Yakuza Apocalypse
  39. Results
  40. Red Spider
  41. Jupiter Ascending
  42. People Places Things
  43. The D Train- Was this the only film with a fat character that I didn’t write about?  Many apologies to Jack Black, whose performance I actually enjoyed, even if a lot of the film’s humor is of the painfully socially awkward variety that makes my skin crawl.
  44. Focus
  45. Carmen Tropical
  46. The Wolf Pack
  47. Chubby
  48. White God
  49. A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence
  50. Irrational Man
  51. Pitch Perfect 2
  52. Animals
  53. Raiders!
  54. It’s Not Funny
  55. Felt
  56. Jurassic World
  57. Unfinished Business
  58. The Abandoned


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