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Link: Director’s Club Podcast Bonus Episode: Cape Fear & Shutter Island

Director’s Club Podcast is going on hiatus, but not before putting out a series of bonus episodes over the next few months.  The topics are requests from listeners who donated $50 or more to the production of Most Likely by Bang! Films, an independent romantic comedy featuring the acting talents of my bff Jess Conger.  (You can’t fight synergy, Lemon.  It’s bigger than us all.)

I was a guest commentator on the first of this series of bonus episodes, in which Patrick and I talk about Martin Scorcese’s divisive thrillers Cape Fear (1991) and Shutter Island (2010).

Listen to the episode here, or download it from the iTunes store.

Link: Director’s Club Podcast Episode #79: Wes Anderson

I was pleased and honored to be asked back as a guest for the 79th episode of Director’s Club, where we discussed the works of one of my favorite directors, Wes Anderson.  I also got a chance to talk with the guys about Concussion (see my previous post) and The One I Love,  and Jim reviews Resolution. In honor of Bisexual Awareness Week, I profess my profound attraction to both Robin Weigert and Jason Schwartzman.

Check it out!

If you can’t get enough of our Y Tu Mama Tambien-esque dynamic, I was also the guest on the Richard Linklater episode.